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cleaver 2.0

Cleaver, Meat Knife, BBQ Knife: Choosing the Perfect Tool for Your Kitchen

Cleaver knives are a timeless kitchen tool that has seen an evolution from its historical origins to its modern reinterpretations. Understanding the perfect harmony between blade, balance, and tec...

cleaver knifeQuick & Easy Steak Sandwich - The Cavemanstyle

Quick & Easy Steak Sandwich

Game season is here and it's time for level up your game day snacks! Here at the Cavemanstyle, you can count on us for game day recipes and game day food ideas. This week, here's a sandwich you ca...

campfire corned beef hashCampfire Corned Beef Hash - The Cavemanstyle

Campfire Corned Beef Hash

Nothing beats to a sound sleep when camping, waking up refreshed away from the stressors of daily life. The natural sound of the birds, the woods, or nearby water and the cool and warm kiss from...

Cleaver KnifeUnboxing The Cavemanstyle Cleaver Knife - The Cavemanstyle

Unboxing The Cavemanstyle Cleaver Knife

One of the bestselling knives, is The Cavemanstyle Cleaver Knife. Ruthlessly sharp and well balanced, it is suited both for indoor and outdoor use. Slice and cut some meat with it or use it to cut...

cleaver knifeRecipe: Tri-Tip Reverse Seared with Sichuan Sauce - The Cavemanstyle

Recipe: Tri-Tip Reverse Seared with Sichuan Sauce

It's dinnertime and you want to treat yourself -and your family - with a nice dinner without spending too much time. After spending the day at work or taking care of your household, you just wan...