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Recipe: Tri-Tip Reverse Seared with Sichuan Sauce

Recipe: Tri-Tip Reverse Seared with Sichuan Sauce

It's dinnertime and you want to treat yourself -and your family - with a nice dinner without spending too much time. After spending the day at work or taking care of your household, you just want to indulge in meal that you can prepare in less time.
Enter, this easy and quick dinner-time dish - Tri-Tip Reverse Seared w/ Sichuan Sauce shared by Ely Perea aka @grilling4family via Instagram

- Tri-tip
- Beef rub of your choice
- Butter
- Green Onion
- Store-bought Sichuan sauce ( because why not?)

How to make Tri-tip reverse seared with Sichuan sauce

1. Lightly coat your tri-tip with your choice if beef rub
 2. Smoke at 225° to an internal temp of 125°
3. Seared over a direct flame for a couple minutes on each side until charred
4. Rest for 15 minutes
5. Miix 1 cup of Sichuan sauce,  some chopped green onion with half a stick of melted butter.
6. Slice up the Tri tip using The Caveman Cleaver Knife and serve with naan bread and sauce

That's how easy this recipe is!

Tri-Tip Reverse Seared with Sichuan Sauce by Ely of @

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