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5 Reasons Why Dads Should Cook

There is no argument that our Mamas and grandmothers cook the best food we have in our entire lives. While the kitchen seems to belong to women and ironically, restaurants mostly have male chefs, men should be more involved with cooking in our very own home kitchen.
Yeah, we do the weekend grills and we are the OG BBQ dads but what about the everyday meals? As much as we are spoilers for taking out pizzas for the kids, more and more dads now taking control of their kitchen redefining the alpha male.
Can't cook? Remember, anyone can cook! It is the desire to cook and the love to feed your family will make your very own culinary path easier to navigate. Here are reasons why kitchen should also belong to men.

Kitchenwares can be toys for the big boy

Even grown up men have toys. You might be talking about your tools in your garage. Cheers to our fellow handymen, but what about in our very own kitchen? Knives and other cookwares can now be your toys with more and more men creating their own "man" kitchen.  
While our knife collection mostly involves camping and bushcraft gears, why not get a knife that you can use for both outdoor and indoor cooking?
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Cooking for her = Romance

The saying, " a way to a man's heart it through his stomach" is not just a cliche but quite old-fashioned. Your woman wears plenty of hats as a mother, a partner, and a career woman. Appreciate her by cooking family meal.
Stay at home wives will appreciate their husbands who can at least volunteer to cook for the family. Or why not give your wives a break by lifting off the cooking duties for the weekend. 
Follow our recipe on Tri-tip Reverse Seared with Sichuan Sauce or Pork Belly Burnt Ends and she'll be more impressed than bringing her to a fancy restaurant. 

Cooking is another way to become an involved parent

We are acknowledge as providers, but our children needs their fathers - a present and involved father. Cooking for your family will be hitting two masters at the same time - a romantic gesture for your beloved wife and a nice bonding time with your kids.
If you have little kids, you can let them sit around the table as your prepare while those with grown up kids can cook together. Wouldn't it be nice to let the kids help out making Mom breakfast in bed?
Plus cooking will set a good example to your sons. A man should also cook for their family and cooking is another skill a man should know. 

Cooking for your family can boost your ego

We can't deny, this is something innate to us - our ego. And their is nothing wrong with that. To be able to feed your family not from your means of buying food but creating them is redefining what an alpha male now.
Not to mention that satisfaction you'll feel when you hear them say, " This is really good, Daddy!" or when you wife says, "This tastes better than mine, Babe!".
Don't pressure yourself either - you can't be Bob Flay or Gordon Ramsey in a day. However, have the interest and even little and simple recipes from fried egg and bacon in the morning to your kids favorite Chicken Popcorn go a long way.
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Cooking is a form of relaxation

What do you do to relax? What's weekend like for you? Of course, the weekend BBQ that everyone anticipates. Learning new recipes will divert your mind to the many pressures of life especially from work.
True, going outdoors like forest bathing are one of the best ones therapies and a weekend camping will help you temporarily detach, cooking is your daily self care.   Cooking is a passion and art and this alone with help release from happy hormones without going to the gym!

Want to be a better man for your wife, kids and for yourself? Just cook! Follow our  Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok for more recipe ideas! 
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