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Forest Bathing: For a Happier and Healthier You

With the pandemic that never seems to end, leading more and more people not just physically distant to each other, but also in terms of connections and relationships. Human by nature is born to be in a tribe and social. No matter how introverted you are, you will always look for that human connection.

City living and spending more time indoors as the time goes by, humans seems to be decaying from the inside. Stress level goes up and more and more people suffering from mental illness.

How do we curb this? Let's go back to nature - literally. 

From our ancestors' time, nature gives us everything. No wonder, one of the first gods of man are natural entities - the sun, the mountains, and animals. Nature naturally heals and we need nature more than anything else.

Do you find yourself easily agitated? Or do you tend to overthink? Do you think you are now in a slump? Or worse, you feel you live in a household with such negative vibe?

Time to cleans and heal with nature. No need to be a tree hugger, my brother..but just go outside and feel nature. That's what forest bathing or forest therapy is all about.


The Healing Power of Forest Bathing 

Old societies have harnessed the therapeutic gifts of nature, but modern times always equate it to an ancient Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku or Forest Bathing ( Shinrin means, "forest" and yoku means "bathing").

This practice simply means "being in nature". To do this, you simply let all your senses "feel" nature. Sight, touch, sound, and even taste. Watch the foliage, smell the earthly or pine trees, touch the ground, and taste wild berries or fruits along the way. 

Forest bathing isn't not just walking in the woods or camping overnight but surely, you can incorporate this within such outdoor activities. For example, when camping overnight alone  , enjoy the time to just feel nature around you. You can sit still or gaze intensively to the horizon. Let your eyes heal with the green color, totally opposite from the screens you're been seeing while at work.


Slow down and boost your immune system

Stress makes people sick as well as things brought by our unlimited tech use. Heard about cybersickness? If you find yourself feeling dizzy and sick lately, time to plug out and be with nature.

Go for a hike or jog and then find your spot. Be still and internally leave your worries. Let nature be your solace from the busy world.

It's time to prioritize your holistic well-being and no better way to do it but outdoors with nature. Plan your forest therapy his weekend starting with gathering your tools such as your reliable and versatile Caveman Ultimo Knife. If you want to cook out,  of course, there's the Caveman Cleaver Knife

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