The Day 2.22.22 - Spending 2 Days of Camping

The Day 2.22.22 - Spending 2 Days of Camping

Today is quite a special day with a palindromic pattern of date - palindrome patterns means reading the same words, numbers or phrases even when read backwards. Some try to find its spiritual significance, but for most of us, this date is just quite unique that won't happen again in our lifetime! 

Add the fact that 2.22.22 lands on a Tuesday, making it TWOSDAY! So how can we celebrate 2.22.22 as a Cavemanstyle Tribe member? Off we go outdoors camping of course.

Staying true to the pattern, that's 2 days of camping, cooking 2 recipes, and of course, bringing along 2 of your trusted Cavemanstyle knives - The Ultimo 2.0 Knife and the Cleaver Knife.

The Perfect Two - the Caveman Ultimo Knife and the Caveman Cleaver Knife


Get the Ultimo + Cleaver Knife bundles here especially for 2.2.22.



2 Recipes to Cook while on a 2-Day Camping

Observing the special day of 2.22.22 and doing something unique, you must also cook something beyond the ordinary camp food. Yeah, we surely rely on the basic grilled meat or hot-dogs, shall we cook like a rock star for 2.22.22 like our favorite rock star chef, Matt.



Recipe #1 - Trash Can Nachos - Not Your Ordinary Nachos

 Out camping is to go outside your comfort zone and that is taking some classic recipes in a rebel way! Give way to Trash Can Nachos! Nachos that are layered inside a can, letting the various ingredients interact before letting them spread right in front of you to dig in!

Make the following layers for your Trashcan Nachos

1. Campfire Grilled Chicken

     -Season chicken breast with MAD Seasoning.

     - Grill and slice into shreds with your Cavemanstyle Ultimo Knife

2. Nachos

    - Fry your store bought nachos and set aside

3. Cheese Sauce

     - Make a roux by blending butter and flour, and cream.

     - When thick enough, dunk in loads of cheddar!

4. Pico de Gallo (Fresh Salsa)

    - Cut and slice onion, jalapeño peppers, tomatoes and plenty of cilantro





Now let's assemble!

Get a can and place your nachos, salsa, grilled chicken, and cheese sauce. That's it!


Check out how to make Trash Can Nachos by Matt of TheMattDad


@themattdad Nacho ordinary nacho 🤪 #nacho #foryou #passion #yummy #tiktoker ♬ November Air - Zach Bryan



Recipe #2 - Bacon-Wrapped Beef Tenderloin

Taking fine-dining outdoors or what we can call, rustic meets fine dining. 

Here's how to make MattDad's Bacon-wrapped Beef Tenderloin

 What you need:

Beef Tenderloin
MaD seasoning
Crush whole garlic cloves
Bell peppers
Portabella Mushrooms
Cabernet or a Red Wine





Let's cook!

1. Wrap room temp steak in bacon tooth pick if you want.
2. Season with MaD seasoning
3. Rub with bacon side down a little to grease pan.
4. Add steak and sear for 5 min
5. Do the same for the sides to crisp up the bacon.
 6. In the pan, add 1/2 butter, garlic, herbs.

7. Baste your beef
8. Add peppers and mushrooms
9. Once softened remove steak
10. add when spinach is wilted remove
11. Deglaze pan with a cup of wine.
12. Reduce by half and add remaining pads of butter and stir to thicken.

Are you drooling already? Coz we are! Now slice your beef with Cavemanstyle Cleaver Knife . Finish with a dash of MAD Seasoning.


@themattdad Beef filet wrapped in bacon. With a red wine butter sauce. MaD Seasoning is for real. Link in bio #foryou #steak #tiktokchef #baste ♬ Body Like A Back Road - Jordan Elliott


There you go! Go out and do something unique that is worth remembering - just like this Two-day of 2.22.22. 

Enjoy y'all! 

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