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TribeSpeaks: Unpopular BBQ opinions

TribeSpeaks: Unpopular BBQ opinions

In the world of cancel and woke culture, sometimes you find yourself on hot waters with your opinions like how you cook your BBQ. As a safe space for our community members, we threw this question over at our Instagram and Facebook and quite surprised with the answers.
Hence, we are sharing it hoping that you will not be alone in your own unpopular openion. Rest assured, you are entitled to it and that makes the BBQ world and amazing community to belong!
Here are some of them:
1."  Pellet grills can smoke just as good as an offset. You don’t have to wrap your pork shoulder. 3-2-1 ribs usually end up over cooked." - @messybaarbecue
2. "All you need is Salt and Pepper." - deepcreck_metalworks
3. " Kansas city burnt ends are better than any Texas briske." - @spbf64
4. " My Traeger is just as good as your stick burner. " -@shaneocrabtree
5. "I like ketchup on med well steak." -@edsmith01033
6. "Eating Ribs are like eating chicken legs. Sorry not sorry" - @John.albert.902
7. "Japanese brand sausages are SO MUCH BETTER than many American brand sausages." - @elcurandero_69_inthe_915
8. "Veggie burgers are better then the real beef !" - @kevinfields272
9. "California style bbq is legit" - @scottg805
10. "Grilling hamburgers isn't BBQing." - Jeremy Johnson
What about you? What BBQ opinion placed on on hot waters?

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