Say Hello to our Rocking Chopper

Say Hello to our Rocking Chopper

Want to add a new knife to your collection? We have introduced our Rocking Chopper and we want you include this in your Cavemanstyle Knife collection. What makes this knife unique?

The Cavemanstyle Rocking Chopper Knife has a revolutionary design yet still performs what it's ought too - talking about form and functionality.

Let's check it's features

Revolutionary Design

A knife with two handles following the "lever principle" that instantly transforms a traditional knife for slicing to easier mincing of your ingredients. The handles are removable, making it versatile if you want its rocking chopper mode or the traditional slicing knife.

Sharp Blade

Like our other Cavemanstyle knives, you will get a ruthlessly sharp yet still well-balanced knife when you purchase our Rocking Chopper. Its blade is made of high carbon steel 1095, providing sharpness and strength.

Wooden Handle

The Rocking Chopper has a rosewood handle, for that bad-ass look but high durability. A great knife that you can take outdoors. Each of the knife comes with its leather sheath.


A 2-in-1 knife for both indoor and outdoor cooking experience! One knife, two cutting modes. Watch this video on how the Rocking Chopper works!


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