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How to Use the Rocking Chopper

How to Use the Rocking Chopper

Now that we've introduced our newest Cavemanstyle Knife, the Rocking Chopper, you may need to know how exactly use this given its unique design.
The Rocking Chopper has 2 handles, one of it is removable. Truly this is a unique 2-in-1 knife that you can use both for indoor and outdoor use! 

With the two handles, you can utilize its rocking motion - thus, the name! Easily mince your meat and veggies and other ingredients.

Even if you're new to cooking, this Rocking Chopper will let you feel like a bonfire hardcore home chef! Great for that quick easy meals or when you're cooking on the spot when in the woods camping!

Now let's go to its versatile feature. Remove the other handle and you will have a a more traditional knife that you can use for chopping and slicing. It is smaller than most knives - yet ruthlessly sharp! The Cavemanstyle Rocking Chopper is a great companion for outdoor activities! 

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