10 Camp Cooking Hacks You Should Know

10 Camp Cooking Hacks You Should Know

Summer will be incomplete without going camping with your family, friends or by yourself. What better way to enjoy the warm weather and have a breather from work and demands of modern life than a day or two of camping.

And one of the most anticipated things when it comes to camping is food. Camp cooking has its own glam and adventure. Cooking out in nature just makes the whole experience of creating food and eating them more special but this doesn't mean that no hacks and tricks are needed for a more fulfilled camp cooking.

Just like you need some grilling hacks, you may need some tricks when it comes to cooking while camping. Whether you are a seasoned camp cook or just starting, here are some camp cooking hacks to know.


Aluminum foil to cook over fire

Sure you can bring some camping pans, but if you want to pack less while camping, you can rely on your good old aluminum foil. You can cook from meat to fish. For example, wrap your meat, butter, garlic and other spices in am aluminum foil and just cook it over fire. The foil acts like an oven for that hot food while camping.

Use chocolate topped cookies for s'mores

Kids and kids at heart will always have s'mores when camping. This classic camping sweets is the perfect dessert and a treat when the nights gets chilly and cozy. Take a shortcut of packing s'mores ingredients by using chocolate topped cookies instead of individual chocolates and you can make a double chocolate s'mores too! 

Pancake Mix in a Bottle or Ziplock bag

We always want to enjoy our usual food at home when camping. They seems to automatically level up just like our morning pancakes. But instead of packing bowls and whisks, prepare them ahead and store then in empty squeeze bottles of ziplocks. When you're ready to cook, just cut the bottom corner of the bag fluffy pancakes are ready!

Use mesh bags to dry dishes

Agh! Dishes! They are as tedious at home as well as out in the woods. Even if you pack paper plates and dispensable utensils, there are some cooking tools that you have to use and wash while camping. Wash them and then put them in a mesh bag before hanging them in a branch for example. Dry dishes and tools in no time without eating too much space. 

Freeze water and beverages before going camping

Rather than packing tons of ice cubes for your camping trip, freeze them. You can store them in your cooler to last longer. Now you have cold drinks to quench your thirst while out camping without bringing heavy ice cubes!

Pack spices and seasonings the clever way

These can be tricky if you want to cook real food while camping. The solution? Store them in pill packs, empty tic tags or in straws. Yes straws! Straws are good for peppers and other powdered seasonings. Seal them by lighting a lighters on both ends and just snip when it's time to use them.

Use sticks for camp cooking

Cook hotdogs, sausages over fire by simply using a stick. You can extend these to refrigerated biscuits and even cinnamon rolls. This is a resourceful and fun for the kids to slow down as they turn their food over fire. 

Keep your bee's six-pack container for storage

Throw your beer in the cooler but not the container! These six-pack container will be great storage containers and keep things organized when camping. You can put napkins, forks, reusable straws!

Precook food for easy cooking when out camping

Precooking will save you time and resources when in nature. Meatballs, chops, and even burritos can be precooked. When it's time to cook, just reheat them and viola!

Camp coffee hack

Now what is camp food without coffee? Sure there are camping kettles for your cup of Joe, but here's a hack. Place coffee ground in a coffee filter and tie with thread. When it's time for your brew, just boil water and put your coffee like a tea! And you just have a single-serve coffee while camping!

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