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10 Grilling Hacks You Should Know

With summer and this wonderful weather, our backyards are now busier than ever with grilling and outdoor cooking. Weekend cookout with friends and family or when you feel like owning the grill in time for dinner, here are some tricks and grilling hacks to elevate your grilling skills! 

1. Ice cubes for moist burgers

Oh, nothing beats homemade burger fresh from the grill at home on a summer day! But don't make it worst with dry burgers either! The secret is ice-cubes - or if you want to be fancy, butter! Place then in the center of your raw path burger and as the burger cooks and the ice/butter melts, there is moisture for that juicy burger! 

2. Press the center of the patty to keep its shape
More in grilling burger hacks, make perfect round patties by pressing your thumb into the center of the patty. As the burger cooks, the meat can shrink or puff up. Related to the hack above, press in the middle and then add ice cube! 

3. Season your meat ahead of time
I think no novice should miss this just like the need to rest your meat before slicing. Season your meat at least an hour before putting them on the grill to lock in flavor. It is worth the wait! 

4. Grill with cast iron
Grilling vegetables, thinly sliced meat or fish? Use a cast iron instead! You can also use this with steak if your wish. Cast iron can give them grilled flavor without the risk of sticking in the gate or veggies falling into the grill grates. 

5. Aluminum foil balls to clean your grills

When you've overworked your grill and need to clean those clumped debris (yikes!), no need to rush to the store for some expensive grill brush! Instead, get an aluminum foil and form it into the ball. Brush! Brush! Brush! Clean grill in no time!

6. Clean with onion
For non-deep cleaning of your grill, go natural by using halved onion and rub it into your grill. Onion has antibacterial properties as well.

7. Soak your kebab skewers
Prevent burning your skewers when grilling kebabs by soaking them into water for at least 30 minutes before cooking. You'll have perfectly cooked meat with unburnt sticks.

8. Grill using double skewers
Grilling sausages, seafood and vegetables? Grill them securely by using two parallel skewers. This sill make them sturdy while on the grill too.

9. Use muffin tins for your condiments

This is a hack you should follow especially for backyard bbq or during picnics. With people having their individual preferences when it comes to condiments - ketchup, mustard, hot sauce - have them organized and on the go (as well as less mess) by serving them in muffin tins!

10.  Grilled fresh fruits as desserts
Grill all the way with grilled desserts! Simply grill your favorite fruit like peach or pineapple. With this recipe, our content creator uses peach and them served with vanilla ice cream. Yum! 


Which of these hacks have you tried before? Do you have other grilling hacks that you want to share? Leave your comment below! 





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