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Turkey Pot Pie: Thanksgiving Leftovers

Turkey Pot Pie: Thanksgiving Leftovers
After a sumptuous feast and testing your patience trying to be nice for Thanksgiving dinner ( just kidding! Or maybe not! haha), you are now left with two things - dishes and leftovers. And while dishes can easily be popped to the dishwasher, you will ask now on what to make from your leftovers.
Leftovers can easily be reheated but if you want to give them a new life, read one. The easiest will be to make sandwiches but for Turkey, you can also make a pot pie out of it! We know you want to rest after day of cooking during Thanksgiving, so we are sharing a recipe that uses not just your leftover Turkey but also mashed potato, sausage stuffing along with store-bought ingredients!
Here is Turkey Pot Pie by  @michiganbbqaddicts. Sliced using Cavemanstyle Ultimo Black Knife

Now you have delicious and warm pot pie to pair with your coffee while you bond with you family post-Thanksgiving. Enjoy! 

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