Tips for that Perfect Picanha Steak

Tips for that Perfect Picanha Steak

Have you tried Picanha Steak? Picanha, known as the Brazil's favorite beef cut is slowly getting popularity in the US. Often compare to ribeyes, picanha is preferred by those who want to taste something leaner and healthier.
You may have tried this from your nearest Brazilian Steakhouse, why not make them at home? Follow these 3 tips on making the perfect churassco-style steak.

1. Perfectly cut picanha for perfectly cooked steak

It always goes to the slicing of the meat and how you cook it. Not often sold in groceries, you can ask your butcher for the picanha. The meat is from the rum of the animal right at the fat cap. 

Get the perfect slice when you use the Caveman Ultimo Knife

2. Keep it simple. Just add salt.

Why this is a staple in Brazil and later in Portugal is the simplicity of the steak. You only season it with salt, put in a skewer and grill over charcoal grill. That's simple yet full of flavor.

3. Serve it with freshly-made chimichurri sauce.

Most people love to eat their picanha steak with chimichurri. Now chimichurri is Argentinian in origin but goes well with this Brazilian-born steak recipe. All you need are parsley, cilantro, olive oil, red wine vinegar and red pepper flakes. Chop this finely to release the herbs' flavor. Watch this chopping video using the ultra sharp Caveman Ultimo Knife.
That's it! Make it easy and enjoy your picanha steak! 

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