The Easiest Ways to Fire Up a Charcoal Grill

The Easiest Ways to Fire Up a Charcoal Grill

With the different preference when it comes to charcoal and gas grills, many still opt for charcoal grills. Moving forward, how do most people fire up their beloved charcoal grills?
Old school backyard method is quite easy - lighter fluids! Pile up charcoals in pyramid, pour your accelerants and that's it! Pretty easy and convenient right? However, these are not just hazardous but lighter fluids release toxins that goes to your food. Food tend to get the smell and of course, this method can affect the taste of your grilled dish.
So what are the easiest way to fire up a charcoal grill without the use of lighter fluids? We asked this to our community in both Instagram and Facebook, and these are the answers of our CavemanTribe.

1. Crumpled up newspaper - the OG way!
Totally agree, safer and cheaper but this method means it takes longer to fire up. Wind condition can affect this method's efficiency as well. 
2. Crumpled paper soaked with oil
Oil promotes combustion and this is still used by old-school BBQ masters. You can soak your paper with olive oil, vegetable oil or your trusted PAM. 

3. Paraffin wax and other fire starters
 Head to your nearest store and you can easily find fire starters even fit for those who haven't tried charcoal grills before! For paraffin wax, these are great options as they don't leave any ash compared to using paper.
4. Chimney starters
Widely used now among charcoal grillers, this has become an accessory for any grills. You can use fire starters  like paraffin wax with chimney starters or paper towels sprayed with PAM/soaked with oil. 
5. Electric charcoal chimney
For those who want to fire up their charcoal grills quickly and don't want to be at the mercy of wind condition, get yourself an electric charcoal chimney. Easy and less messy than the traditional chimney starters.
6. Heat/gun torch
For those who love gadgets, there are many heat/gun torches to easily fire up your charcoal grills. Many invest on these tools as they can also used to fire up fireplaces. 
Now you may be asking, what do we think is the best way to fire up a charcoal grill? It is frankly a matter of budget and preference but based on the responses we get, chimney starters are the most commonly used method to fire-started a charcoal grill. What about you? What method do you use?

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