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Soda Kebab: A Cooking Hack for that Perfectly-shaped Kebab

Soda Kebab: A Cooking Hack for that Perfectly-shaped Kebab

One of the best dishes to prepare for your next cook out is a kebab. Flavorful and absolutely a treat from family dinners to summer barbecues. This may be classic but perfecting that shape may not be easy especially for beginners.
They say kebab is an art but making it perfectly shaped ensures that they are also perfectly grilled. You don't want an uncooked meat during your outdoor cooking right?
So here's a cooking hack to that perfect kebab and all it takes is a soda or PET bottle. Yes, you read it right. So hear us out as we teach you this time-saving cooking hack in making kebabs.
How to shape kebabs perfectly with a soda or PET bottle.
1. Cut half of an empty PET Bottle. You will be needing the part with the opening. Keep it closed first.
2. Next, put your meat mixture into the bottle.
3. Insert your stick.
4. Find a stable surface like your kitchen countertop or depending on your PET Bottle size, a can of soda. 
5. Firmly yet gently press the bottle to squeeze out the meat.
6. Viola! A perfect kebab!
That easy and you are ready to grill! This cooking hack guarantees that your meat will not fall off, grill perfectly, and you will make kebabs like a pro! 
Check out this video on the soda bottle hack in making kebabs! Enjoy!

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