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Smoked Blackberry Jam

Smoked Blackberry Jam

Summer days especially on weekends is a great way to explore the farmers market with your family. Or explore your outdoors and pick fresh fruits or forage some mushrooms in the woods.  With these produce, you can make dishes and food for your weekend cook-out.
Here is something many guys might not think of making - Smoked Blackberry Jam. Jams? You might remember your beloved grandmother or mother trying to preserve fruits while serving something sweet for your bread and baked good. Why not make it yourself. Blackberries are much in season now and rockstar, MattDad shares how you can make Smoked Blackberry Jam

How to Make Smoked Blackberry Jam by thematdad
  • Pick some berries or buy some from a farmers market. Four cups were used here.
  • Smash almost all of them through a strainer.
  • Reserve some whole berries for some seeds and lumpiness
  • Add to a pot
  • Add equal parts juice (equal to the smashed berries)
  • 1/2 lemon juice
  • Cook it until it low boils down to about half.
  • Place a plate in freezer.
  • Remove and add a spoon of jam. It should congeal. If not cook some more.
Serve this to your toast with butter. Yum!

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