Self Care and Pampering Ideas for Men: The Cavemanstyle

Self Care and Pampering Ideas for Men: The Cavemanstyle

Everyone deserves to indulge and do something for themselves. Women, children and even men can engage in activities that promote self-care and personal relaxation. Each one of us has different approaches when pampering ourselves.

While the term "self-care" is often perceived to be activities involving health, hygiene and beauty, men who love the great outdoors have a different way to promote self-care and pampering for themselves.





Whether it's an overnight or a weekend camping, being able to relax and stay close to nature is surely a delightful experience for any outdoor enthusiast. There are many benefits of camping and these include stress reduction, fresh air and physical fitness.

When done with friends and/or loved ones, camping promotes deeper relationships and quality bonding time. It's also a great way to learn new outdoor survival skills or enhance existing ones. Don't forget to bring your Cavemanstyle knife and cleaver to face tough challenges with ease and in style.





Cooking, especially when done outdoors, is definitely the most loved activity among our Cavemanstyle members. Our weekly recipes feature delectable dishes that are easy to make and perfect for any outdoor activity.

For men, there's definitely a sense of serenity when preparing ingredients for cooking especially when grilling or smoking meat chunks. Make sure to own a cooking knife or cleaver with ruthlessly sharp versatility and perfectly balanced weight to ensure greater precision in preparing your ingredients.

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Just like camping, hiking allows men to be close with nature. Hiking is already a great relaxing activity by itself. It also promotes physical fitness, especially for the strengthening of leg muscles, and thus, helps release the endorphins hormones that make us feel relaxed, happy and confident.

Hiking is a perfect activity when you're camping out. But it can also be a standalone activity especially when you don't have the luxury of time for an overnight or weekend camping.

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Building an outdoor kitchen



With the coronavirus disease still affecting communities and with health protocols limiting mobility, our Cavemanstyle members may not be able to camp, hike or engage in outdoor activities as often as they used to.

Building your own outdoor kitchen allows you to continue enjoying the benefits and satisfaction of cooking in the great outdoors but in the safety of your own property. The process of constructing your kitchen can be a relaxing challenge especially for men who love hands-on and manual work. It's even more gratifying when you complete your outdoor kitchen, knowing your hard work has paid off.

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Buying tools or gadgets



Shopping is a popular activity for those who want to indulge for self satisfaction and pampering. For men, it can be spending their money on gadgets and even big-ticket consumer electronics. For outdoor enthusiasts, these devices can be portable GPS equipment and other electronics useful for camping.

For men who love manual work and hands-on projects, buying new practical tools will always be a delight. 

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If you're under a slump lately, you may need to step back and take care of yourself. Follow these activities and you'll surely feel better and happier! 👊

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