Recipe Ideas: Breakfast and Brunch Recipes

Recipe Ideas: Breakfast and Brunch Recipes

We surely love our smokers. No doubt, we are grill masters. But we are kitchen kings as well!

Looking for more recipe ideas for breakfast or even brunch? Skip the usual and keep on surprising your loved ones with your culinary skills with these easy to cook and quick brunch ideas.


Let's start the week with Egg Grilled Cheese Sweet Chili Sandwich

There's something with breakfast sandwiches. They are not the basic fried egg and bacon but the same minimal effort. It's like you spent so much to do this all-time favorite breakfast recipe effortlessly.

You can easily do this with any non-stick pan but for this version, rock star chef Matt prepared this over his flat top grill. Of course, like any member of our Cavemanstyle Tribe, he's cooking it outdoors! 👊👊👊

@themattdad This folded egg and bacon sandwich and as really good. #fypシ #sandwich #foodtiktok #griddle #egg ♬ Oklahoma City - Zach Bryan


Add a little sunshine to your every mornings with egg, bacon, and plenty of cheese in a sandwich drizzled with sweet chili sauce. To serve, cut them with your Cavemanstyle Ultimo Knife

Are you salivating already? Can't blame let's go to our next recipe for the week!


Reinvent your left-over steak with  Steak Tortellini 

Let's just assume that on rare occasions you have left-over steak, this is a recipe idea you can add on your list! Pasta for brunch? Why not?! You're growing family needs them and kids will love you more with this.

You might be wondering if this can fit into your lazy mornings. This recipe by Ely @grilling4family needs left-over steak and pre-made tortellini so you'll be in the kitchen in less time. Yes, this can also be a nice quick and easy dinner recipe.

Here's how to make Steak Tortellini
  • Season some NY Strips with Worcestershire and sucklebuster SPG. Reverse sear.
  • In a cast iron pan over indirect heat, char some cherry tomatoes, then smash in the pan
  • Add an Italian pasta sauce (used Alla Vodka here, a marinara will work as well)
  • Once the sauce started simmering, add pre made tortellini pasta
  • cook for 10 minutes stirring throughout
  • Top with parsley, sliced steak, and Parmesan cheese


Surprise your family with this weekend breakfast recipe. Yes, you can do it, brother!

Get your Cavemanstyle knife here


Beef Chorizo Breakfast Stack is a no-brainer "It's the weekend!" recipe

Mouthwatering breakfast staples in a stack with added sauce...what a way to start your weekend. Fried egg, beef chorizo sausage, hashbrown, cheese, and gravy! Yes, it is the weekend! 


Check this recipe from Blackstonebros


@blackstonebros Beef Chorizo Breakfast Stack! #MACChallengeAccepted #GetTheWChallenge #TeamofTomorrow #beef #chorizo #breakfast #stack #blackstone #food ♬ Frozen - Madonna & Sickick


There you go, 3 recipes to complete your week. Stay tuned in our blog to get 3 recipes to try every single week! Cheers to the master home chef! 


Grab the Cavemanstyle Serbian Knife today!

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