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Pellet vs Offset Smokers: Which One is for You?

Pellet vs Offset Smokers: Which One is for You?

In the Grilling and BBQ nations just like the rest of the cooking world, there seems to be some discussion on which one to get over the other. From choosing charcoal or gas grills, there is now the question on what kind of smoker should you choose? Should you get a Pellet Smoker or an Offset Smoker?

But first let's talk about these two kinds of smoker, each one with their own unique features. In a nutshell, a Offset Smoker is the traditional type while the Pellet Smoker uses electricity.

Now let's briefly tackle their pros and cons starting with Offset Smokers


Offset smokers use wood and charcoal, creating smokier classic flavors. With its complete set up from firebox, chimney and the barrel, this kind of smoker will pose a challenge for those who have limited space. Considered as a "manual" smoker, one needs to careful monitor and regulate temperature while smoking meat.


Now let's talk about pellet smokers. Using electricity and hardwood pellet, they can be portable and not as massive as an offset smoker. The good thing about Pellet smokers is  you don't need to watch it as the meat cooks as the cooking settings are already set. This also results to consistently cooked meat. Compared to offset, pellet smokers can be pricey.


Should I buy for a Pellet or an Offset Smoker?

Now the question, the answer will be depending on your preference. If you are a newbie, pellet smokers works well for you. Also, pick a Pellet Smoker if you don't want a bulky smoker in your yard. This type of smoker is a good choice for those who prefer to leave their meat on their own as it cooks with its steady temperature settings.

For those who really demands the classic smoky flavor and have more control on their recipes, Offset Smokers world for you. This smoker also appeals since they are more affordable.

If you want more information, check out this video. 


How about you? What kind of smoker do you use?

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