Outdoor Activities to Enjoy this Fall

Outdoor Activities to Enjoy this Fall
As we say goodbye to summer nights and the bright skies, another season is coming that promises more outdoor experiences. A season for pumpkin spice and leaf peeping, what are some of the outdoor activities that you can enjoy for fall?
Foliage is no doubt this season's highlight and outdoor activities revolve around this. With the United States home to many state and national parks, these are great destinations for fall activities. Same goes to good harvest where you can enjoy them from the farm or at the table.
Check out these things to do during fall for those who love the outdoors.


Fall offers a favorable weather especially for outdoors. Temperature is not as humid during summers that makes hiking not just tedious but dangerous and of course, winter makes hiking reserved for seasoned hikers.
For those who are novice hikers or just want to get out and enjoy nature, go for a hike during the fall season. Hiking is a more physical way to admire the foliage compared to merely leaf peeping. In the states, one of the best hiking trails are Cook's Meadow Loop of Yosemite, Mount Rainer National Park in Washington, and Bushkill Falls in Pennsylvania. If you are located far from these area, research for local parks or a nearby trail.


Biking when temperature drops makes it more enjoyable - but not too cold like during winter of course! Enjoy the autumn breeze as you cycle around enjoying the falling or the changing colors of leaves.
There are some biking trails that are made popular during fall seasons such as the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, Greenville Trail in South Carolina, and Jim Thorpe Trail in Pennsylvania. Some of these trail like the Swap Rabbit Trail spans 20 miles for the awesome and adrenaline biking experience!


For avid campers, camping during fall season is not just to have last hurray before snow starts falling but the foliage makes it more magical. Research on your locality for opened camp areas for fall. Top camping destinations during fall are Aspen, Color's and Isle Royal National Park in Michigan.
As you enjoy the changing season and landscape, don't miss cooking outdoors while it is not as challenging as winter camping. Here's MattDad cooking trout using his Caveman Serbian Knife while out in the Great Smoky Mountain.

Fruit Picking/Harvest Tour

If you prefer an outdoor activity for the whole family especially for multi-generational families, opt for something that are less physical for both kids and older adults.
During fall, you can always go to the pumpkin path and make Jack-o-Lantern or visit Farmer markets. Better yet, sign up for harvest tours like apple picking. These are enjoying for the kids and relaxing for older adults. Then, you can make apple pie from your picking! 
Fall is another season that opens you up to more outdoor activities. Don't miss the chance to go out and enjoy the foliage and the crisp air. What activities have your tried during during fall season? 

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