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Let's Cook! 5 Tips on Buying a Smoker


We understand that there are various types and models of smokers, so we're here to help you choose the one that's perfect for you. And while you're shopping around for the right equipment, check out our Cavemanstyle knife and cleaver designed with perfectly balanced weight and sharp versatility for both outdoor and indoor cooking.

Choose the fuel type most practical to you

There are various types of smokers based on the fuel they use. Aside from ensuring the fuel is practically available to you, you'll also need to choose one that complements the cooking experience you want.

  • Gas or propane smokers offer conveniences that save you time and energy when cooking. It's perfect for beginners, too.
  • Electric smokers allow for high control of temperature and convenient settings but typically produce less smoky flavors.
  • Charcoal and wood smokers are economical and allow for a customized smoky flavor based on the wood chips you'll use. However, they require great skill to control the temperature, making them ideal for experienced cooks. They're also messier to use and require thorough cleaning afterwards.
  • Pellet smokers are becoming more popular these days and require the use of gas or electricity to burn wood pellets. They typically have multiple functionalities that allow you to do more than just smoking meat.


Select the perfect size to complement your lifestyle

Design, size and capacity are other factors to seriously consider when buying smokers.

  • The smaller, bullet-shaped ones are ideal for hobbyists and those who simply want to cook for the family. There are even smaller, more portable egg-shaped ones that are ideal for single individuals.
  • The large barrel-sized or cabinet-sized ones are perfect for those who want to smoke a massive variety of meat chunks at the same time. They're also perfect for those who love to occasionally host weekend BBQ parties with friends in their own backyards or in the great outdoors.
  • The full, large-capacity models are ideal for the Cavemanstyle members who love to host big BBQ parties. Opt for the towable ones if you're into cooking competitions.

To ensure perfect meat chunk slices, use the cooking knife that's built for ruthlessly sharp versatility.


Pay attention to heat distribution

The fuel and shape of the smoker typically affects how the heat is distributed in the equipment. Often, the temperature difference from end to end in smokers is massive. When buying a smoker, you'll need to ensure that your meat chunks can be smoked evenly or at the very least, you're able to conveniently manage the hot zones well.

Never take quality and reliability factors for granted


Your smokers will take on a lot of tough jobs, so it's just sensible to opt for high-quality ones when shopping around. While buying substandard BBQ equipment may save you hundreds of dollars, it will be costing you a lot later on. You don't want to purchase a smoker only to be constantly burdened by high repair costs, do you? 

  • Make sure to opt for smokers manufactured by reputable companies especially for the electric or the pellet types.
  • Most often, it's better to buy an ugly, heavy but well-functioning smoker than a lightweight, stylish one. Regardless of the type of smoker you're considering, make sure to opt for those with thick walls and heavy steel built, which allow the equipment to concentrate heat for hours.

Just as you'll consider quality when shopping for smokers, you'll also have to look for great reliability when buying your knife online. Cavemanstyle's knives and cleavers are built with perfect balance for superb performance and sharp versatility. They're ideal for outdoor and indoor cooking.


Opt for additional features that you'll actually use

Modern smokers, especially the electric and wood pellet types, are mostly hybrid models which mean that they can do more than just smoking. Even the gas and charcoal types are at least capable of grilling, too. Bear in mind, however, that the more features the smoker has, the more expensive it can be. And thus, make sure to opt only for the extra functionalities that you actually use especially when you're tight on budget.

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