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Knife Gift Ideas for Every Type of Dads

Knife Gift Ideas for Every Type of Dads

They say that giving a knife as a gift is not a good idea according to a superstitious belief. But if your dad or the man of your life is a culinary master or a survivalist, then a well-designed knife made from high quality material is surely a practical gift, right?

Below are some knife gift ideas to consider for the type of dad you have so that you won't be overwhelmed when discovering the massive range of products to choose from while browsing through a knife online shop.

And if you're worried about the superstition, you could include a penny or any coin of symbolic value that will be returned to you by the recipient as a countermeasure.

For the Bushcraft Dads

If your dad has a massive array of practical bushcraft skills such as foraging, shelter building and of course, cooking over campfire, then the CAVEMAN cleaver knife is definitely the perfect tool for him. If you're lucky, it comes with a free limited-time sheath in hunter-style holster that dads can hook on their belts. It also comes with free limited-time micro whetstone to ensure the cleaver knife is sharp at all times.

This Cavemanstyle knife cleaver is designed with perfect balance and ergonomic shape for ease of use when slicing tough meat, peeling potatoes, cutting wood and even when scraping tinder from branches. Its blade is hand-forged to a steel hardness of 57-58 HRC to ensure durability and long lifespan. No task is too hard for the extremely sharp blades of the Caveman cleaver.


For the BBQ Dads

Dads who love to prepare grilled and smoked dishes for their family and friends are definitely no stranger to the prepping, chopping and slicing of huge meat chunks. Just imagine the huge task when they love to hold BBQ parties in their backyards regularly. If you're seeing your BBQ-loving dad still using a crude butcher knife, it's time to give him the CAVEMAN Black SERBIAN chef knife!

Compared to the butcher knife, the blade of the Serbian knife is sharper, allowing for a more precise cut. And just like a butcher knife, no bone is too hard for a Serbian knife. And what's more, the Caveman Serbian knives are hand-forged with high carbon steel and have perfectly balanced weight, making any meat cutting tasks more convenient and pleasurable.

For the Fruit-Loving Dads

If you always see your dad peeling fruits in hand using an ordinary knife, it's best to gift him with the appropriate knives. Paring knives are designed primarily for peeling fruits and vegetables. They can even be used to create decorative garnishes and food carvings such as a swan made from apples or roses made from carrots.

Paring knives come in different broad profiles, so you might want to buy a set of them.

  • The common paring knife has a blade that looks like a chef's knife.
  • The tourney knife is curved on the tip of the blade for a more convenient peeling of round produce.
  • The straight blade with sheep's foot shapes is ideal for precision peeling and cutting with minimal hand movement.

This gift idea is also perfect for vegetarian dads and herb-loving dads.

For the Home Cook Dads

Home chef dads, culinary-loving dads, or daddies who simply want to cook great food for his family, will most often have a cooking knife set or more specifically, a collection of chef's knives in his arsenal. Perhaps, they already have a favorite one that they constantly use on a daily basis. But if he doesn't have the CAVEMAN New Ultimo knife 2.0 yet, you're definitely getting him one.

The Ultimo Precision knife is designed to have perfect balance. Unlike ordinary chef knives, this Caveman knife has a hole in the middle that allows dads to show off some knife handling performance without dropping the tool.

The Ultimo is also designed for precision and durability. Its blades are hand-forged into 58-61 HRC hardness, which means that the knife is made to endure tough challenges and to last a lifetime.


More Gift Ideas for More Types of Dads

Here is a quick list of more knife gift ideas for more types of dads.

  • For the Host of Parties or Head of Family - A carving knife is designed for lower resistance when cutting Christmas hams or Thanksgiving Turkey into thin slices evenly.
  • For the Pastry Connoisseur - An 8-inch bread knife with serrated edges are ideal for cutting breads, cakes and even soft meat without destroying the entire loaf/chunk.
  • The Cheese-Lover Dad - A set of cheese knives is designed to prevent the cheese from sticking or getting destroyed when slicing. The thicker blades are used for hard cheeses while the blades with holes are for softer cheeses.
  • The Fish-loving Dad: A 7-inch fillet knife with a flexible, thin blade for easy removal of skin from fresh fish.

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