How to Make your Own Bacon Roses Bouquet

How to Make your Own Bacon Roses Bouquet

Valentines is coming  and the world seems to let you know from the chocolates at supermarkets to flower shops showing off amazing flower arrangements. If you've been with someone for too long and want to spice up a little bit, you can always rely on novelty products.

As a man who cooks, you should give something edible. Cook for her? Check! But what about giving her the traditional bouquet of roses with a twist- an edible one? 


Easy to make but will be an impressive gesture, here's one version of the Bacon Roses Bouquet as shared by Michigan BBQ Addicts

How to make Bacon Roses Bouquet 


- thick cut bacon
- toothpicks

- bbq sticks

- choice of rub

-BBQ sauce


Now let's cook!


1. Roll a strip of bacon tightly to form a rosette. Using two toothpicks, secure your bacon rosette (the toothpicks should cross each other). Repeat to all your bacon.

2. Put them on a wire rock and sprinkle with your favorite meat rub to season. 

3. You can bake them for 45-55 minutes for 375f/190c or put them in a smoker at 350f for 30 minutes.

4. Once done, glaze over some bbq sauce on each rosette.

5. Attach bbq stick on each rosette and them wrap around a gift paper to form your delicious edible roses!

Simple right? 


@thecavemanstyle Bacon Roses for Valentine's! Try this out and follow @michiganbbqaddicts for more recipes! #fyp #tiktokbbq #valentinesday ♬ original sound - outdoor cooking



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