How to Encourage Your Children to Embrace the Great Outdoors

How to Encourage Your Children to Embrace the Great Outdoors


Often, we want to introduce our passion and interests to our children. If you're a nature lover and/or an outdoor enthusiast, here are some ways to encourage your kids to love the great outdoors.Make sure to have the Cavemanstyle knife, a highly versatile tool for outdoor cooking as well as for handling tough challenges when camping, hiking and doing other outdoor activities.

Incorporate Sensory Plays

When they're still infants or toddlers, sensory plays are important activities for children's development. These activities allow children to engage their senses as they interact with various things provided to them. In doing so, they become familiar with the texture, color, sound, smell or taste (in case of edible sensory plays) of things around them, and thus, they build self-confidence and avoid tantrums caused by sensory overload or confusion when they're finally exploring the real world.Sensory bins, boards or tables are quick and easy to set up. When it comes to encouraging children to embrace the great outdoors, you might want to start with a nature-themed sensory bin that's filled with branches, sand, rocks, leaves, seeds and other items that can be found in nature. A beach-themed sensory play is also a great concept.

Go Camping 

Camping with your children is a perfect way to encourage them to appreciate nature and the great outdoors. An overnight camping lets children experience what it feels like to sleep with nature, and most of all, to watch the stars at night if the sky is clear.You can introduce camping to your children in the following stages:

  1. "Camping" in the bedroom using blankets as tents;
  2. Having an overnight camping in the safety of your own garden;
  3. Glamping or RV camping to enjoy the camping experience while ensuring convenient accommodation and availability of facilities;
  4. A daytime picnic involving tent building;
  5. An overnight traditional camping; and
  6. A weekend traditional camping with bushcraft skills building.

When camping, you'll definitely need to cook your meals. For greater convenience, make sure you're always equipped with a cooking knife that's designed with perfect balance and sharp versatility especially for outdoor cooking.


Hike Together

Going on a hike together with your children on a regular basis, even if it's only every weekend, can help spark your kids' interests in nature. It's a great bonding activity with your children, too. Moreover, hiking can also help improve your children's physical well-being and boost their stamina.Take the time to enjoy the forest, mountains, coastlines and all the majestic views of nature with your children as you hike together. If possible, provide each child with a camera so that the kids can take photos of what they like along the way and create their own photo album when they get home.There are various hiking trails in the U.S. that are perfect for family activities. Check out our blog on the best hiking spots in America.Some hiking sites may allow BBQ cooking in the area for your meals. To avoid the hassle especially when slicing meats, make sure your knives are designed for sharp versatility and superb performance. Check out our knife online to learn about our cooking tool designed for precision and durability.

Organize a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are perfect activities to adopt when creating games with the goal of encouraging children to embrace the great outdoors. By listing items that relate to nature, children can become more observant, familiar and appreciative of the things they see around them whether they're in the forest, along the coastline, on the mountain and even in your own backyard.

Let Them Assist in Outdoor Cooking

Our recipe blog posts are loaded with easy-to-prepare dishes that you can make with your children. So why not allow your children to assist you when you're cooking in the great outdoors and even in your own garden? Aside from helping with the preparation of ingredients, they can watch you cook and discover the amazing interactions of ingredients as they transform from being raw to being cooked. To help them appreciate the great outdoors, cook in bushcraft style by using ingredients foraged around you, and creating utensils and tools from materials that's readily available in your surroundings (e.g. a branch turned into a stake for roasting chicken).


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