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Halloween Recipe: Voodo Bat Wings

Halloween Recipe: Voodo Bat Wings

Something is coming up! Halloween definitely is just around the corner. The parties, the candies, and yes the food! Halloween brings people to just have fun and be kids again.
While thinking about your costume, for sure you are thinking about Halloween dishes to make. These Halloween recipes are great to bring a long for potluck Halloween parties or serve them when you're hosting. Likewise, make these spooky food in anticipation for Halloween.
But Halloween recipes tend to be difficult and don't worry, we got you covered. We will be sharing you an easy recipe that will absolutely be a hit. We are talking about Voodo Bat Wings!

 This dish is straightforward Halloween version of our all-time favorite chicken wings. You can bake, grill, or even air fry Halloween bat wings. Marinated chicken and you're free to choose what kind of marinade to make. A must is obviously the black food color.
Ready to make one? Here is one version from our favorite grill mater, Walter of Michigan Bbq Addicts

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