Grilling 101: The Essential Tools to Have

Grilling 101: The Essential Tools to Have


Summer is here, and it's definitely a great time to hold BBQ parties outdoor in the park, forest, mountains equipped with the Cavemanstyle knife. You can also enjoy BBQ in your own backyard. However, grilling and smoking can be messy. But with the right tools, it will definitely be convenient and pleasant to juggle between entertaining your guests and ensuring that your dishes are cooked well.

So here are some of the basic and essential tools to have when grilling.



Forks are never a substitute for grill tongs because they destroy the shape of your food. They also pierce through your meat, making an opening that lets the savory juices escape and evaporate. Grill tongs are perfect for use with any kind of grilled items both thick and thin. Opt for the spring-loaded ones for easy handling.



Metals and silicone spatulas are valuable tools when it comes to flipping fish fillets and other delicate grilled food items. Choose one with an offset handle to get the food on the grill with ease. Make sure it's a long-handled one, too, so that your hands are as far as possible from the heat.


Precision kitchen knives

Precision cooking knives from The Cavemanstyle are stylish yet practical kitchen tools that are designed with perfect balance. Their blades are manufactured with ruthlessly sharp versatility, making the precision knives to be the perfect tools for neatly sliced meat dishes that are ready for serving.

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Don't make the mistake of using oven mitts when grilling. Grill mitts are typically long enough to cover the entire forearm, and are generally made from special materials like fire-retardant fabrics, silicone, heavy-duty cotton and leather, among others.


Meat Thermometer

Grilling meat requires monitoring of the internal temperature to make sure the food is cooked. Moreover, recipes for grilled meat dishes usually recommend internal temperatures to indicate the doneness of the food. Consider owning a meat thermometer that can be inserted into the meat chunk and provides instant reading.


Basting Brush

Brushing marinades or sauces on your food while grilling helps enhance the flavors and ensures the grilled items don't dry out. There are different types of basting brushes, each with their own set of pros and cons.

Boar hair brushes as well as plastic bristles can hold as much sauces as possible, but they have to be thoroughly cleaned and regularly disinfected because they are potential haven for bacteria. On the other hand, silicone bristles are safe for cleaning in a dishwasher, but they require frequent dipping in the sauce or marinade because they don't hold much liquid.


Wood Planks

Wood planks add a smoky flavor when foods are grilled on them. They are available in a range of wood varieties with different aromas.

  • Alder's mild aroma is great with seafood and poultry
  • Cedar has a distinct aroma that works with pork, chicken and other hearty foods
  • Hickory's strong aroma is great from bacons, beef and pork
  • Maple provides a rich and nutty aroma that's great for fish, chicken and ham
  • Cherry wood is perfect for venison, beef and other gamier meats


Cleaver Knives

They are handy tools to have when preparing large meat pieces for grilling and smoking. They can also cut through meat bones and tissues. Although a butcher knife can be used for similar tasks, the blade of a cleaver cooking knife is slimmer and allows for cutting meat neatly with precision.


Other Grilling Tools

Here are more grilling tools to have:

  • Chimney starter for charcoal grillers
  • Grill brush for cleaning
  • Grill basket
  • Shish kebabs and skewer sticks


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