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Drinks and Cocktails for your Next Summer BBQ Party

Drinks and Cocktails for your Next Summer BBQ Party


When it comes to summer BBQ parties, we usually settle for beers and colas as drink options to pair with the many smoked and grilled meat dishes we'll be serving. But these beverages aren't just your only options. Surprise your guests by upgrading your menu with a wide range of drinks and cocktails that are beyond the classics.


A mimosa is a cocktail made with 1 part champagne and 1 part chilled orange juice or any other citrus juice. They're perfectly served in tall champagne flutes. Make sure they're served cold.

The key to preparing this gorgeous cocktail is to ensure that all the ingredients are well-chilled when mixed into the glass. But most importantly, this concoction is to be stirred and not shaken.

The mimosa glasses can be garnished with strawberries, cherries or any fruit of your choice. Granadine can also be added into the drink for a touch of color.

Check out this Instagram post to see how you can create a mimosa using dragonfruit and berries as garnishes.

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Sangria is one of the best punches that are great for large crowds such as the guests in your summer BBQ party. What makes them great for parties is that that the longer they sit, the more enhanced their flavors will be. Make sure that they're always cold or chilled when served or when sitting in a serving bowl.

Creating the traditional sangria cocktail is simple. All you need are red wine and chopped fruits mixed together. Other ingredients or spirits can also be added depending on your preferences.

You can also try out these summer sangria variations as shared by The Food Network: 

  • White Sangria: Pour 2bottles of chilled white wine and 1cup brandy over 1/4cup superfine sugar and sliced oranges, lemon and lime. 
  • Sangria Slushie: A cocktail turned into slushy by turning red wine into ice cubes before running them in the blender.
  • Sparkling Wine Sangria: Uses sparkling wine instead of red wine.
  • Non-alcoholic Sangria: A sangria mocktail that uses cranberry-grape juice and seltzer water.


The summer heat will surely make everyone craving for thirst-quenching and refreshing drinks. Thus, a cold, delicious punch will definitely be greatly appreciated throughout the party. What's more, you can make them in minutes!

Check out some of our favorite punch variations as shared by BBC Good Food:

  • Fruit Punch: A non-alcoholic punch that's quick and easy to make for all ages especially when there are children in your family-oriented BBQ party. Simply mix orange and pineapple juices then add lemonade, mint leaves and fresh fruits.
  • Fruity and Floral: Another non-alcoholic punch with apple, elderflower, mint and sparkling wine.
  • Summer Punch: Sparkling water, apple and lemon juices, elderflower liqueur and fresh herbs. For an alcoholic option, change sparkling water to champagne.
  • Pimm's Punch: Lemonade with as many fruit slices as possible. Change lemonade to ginger beer for alcoholic option.
  • Rumberry Punch: Dark rum mixed with cranberry juice that gives a spicy, sweet and zingy twist to ordinary punch.

As always, make sure that your punch is always sitting and/or served chilled.


Kentucky Mule

The Kentucky Mule is a twist to the classic Moscow Mule. Instead of using bourbon, you'll be using vodka.

It's simple to make. Just mix bourbon whiskey, ginger beer and lime juice into the glass or mug. Add ice cubes and garnish with lime.

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Italian Lemonade

The Italian Lemonade gives the classic non-alcoholic beverage an Italian twist. You'll need to create the special syrup beforehand by boiling and simmering 1cup water, 2cups sugar and fresh basil. Let the mixture cool before straining refrigerating it.

Add at least an ounce of the syrup to whatever lemonade you'll be serving. This is also perfect with whisky, vodka and tequila if you plan to serve some alcoholic options.

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