rump steak

Chimmi Rump Steak Recipe

Chimmi Rump Steak Recipe

We all love steak, but certain cuts can only be reserve for special occasions or a family dinner treat. But why not buy some Rump cut from your butcher. Inexpensive yet flavorful for steak, it's no wonder Rump steak is called the "Everyday Steak".

The best part? Serve it with good old Chimmichuri sauce and you dine like a king any night you want too! Check out this recipe from t_bone_marmaduke.

For this recipe, he brined the meat for 24 hours, and grilled with his choice of seasoning. Then he let the meat rest with butter before slicing with his ultra sharp Cavemanstyle Cleaver Knife before serving with his homemade chimmichuri sauce. Shazam!



For this video, he used both his Serbian and Cleaver Knives. Get these in a bundle with our Limited Edition Cavemanstyle Cleaver Knife Bundle

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