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BBQ Scotch Eggs Recipe

BBQ Scotch Eggs Recipe
Scotch eggs..who doesn't love them? Chances are, these will be the first you'll pick when you see them served in parties. A tasty appetizers and one of the many food you are pair with an ice cold beer, scotch eggs can easily be made at home.
It looks intimidating to make but scotch eggs recipe reveals that is just boiled egg wrapped in ground meat/sausage, covered in egg/breadcrumbs and then fried. One can easily make one from scratch!
Now here is the twist for this BBQ Scotch Eggs shared by Ely Perea also known as @grilling4family, here it makes it easier that you can make it quick and easy!  For his version of the Scotch Eggs, he skipped the egg-breadcrumb part - the step in making this egg recipe a little bit tedious for some.

Here's his version of BBQ Scotch Eggs

1. Boil eggs for 8 minutes
2.  Cool in ice water
3. Remove shell

4. Wrap in breakfast sausage
5.  Season with BBQ rub
6. Smoke at 250° for 40 minutes

7.  Brush on BBQ sauce
8.  Smoke another 10 minutes till internal temp 145°
Just like that, you can now be a master of the perfect Scotch eggs! Watching this video of Ely making his version, BBQ Scotch Eggs
Serve and enjoy! Love this recipe! Share this to your family and friends! For more recipes, follow on InstagramFacebook, and Tiktok.

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