Baby It's Getting Cold Outside: 10 Winter Activities to Enjoy

Baby It's Getting Cold Outside: 10 Winter Activities to Enjoy
Brr! It's hard not to notice the air getting chilly as the last leaf starts to fall. Winter is here and that means a new set of things to enjoy in life. We have listed here some activities you can enjoy as the temperature drops both for indoor and outdoor even without snow.

1. Enjoy the snow

Enjoy the little things in life. Celebrate the first fall of snow as you sip your hot chocolate. Marvel at the beautiful landscape brought by snow. Though heavy snow can be tedious for our daily lives, enjoy the activities it can create with your family. Go ice fishing, head to the nearest skating rink. Build a snowman.

2. Build a bonfire even in your own backyard

Quality family time with your own bonfire by the yard! Time for smores or grill some meaty snacks by the side as you share stories with your loved ones. 

3. Go for a hike

Don't let the cold weather stop you from enjoying the outdoors. A hike will always be good for you even during winter times. With the right equipment and garments, you are good to go. Follow trails for safety. And you don't have to be a seasoned winter hiker, you can always have a leisure hike in your nearest park. 

4. Winter camping

Now if you want more physical, plan and head off for a winter camp. This is only advisable for expert campers though but for seasoned campers, winter camping will be a nice challenge to do! 

5. Visit a museum

 Visiting a state during this time of the year? A great thing to do during winter is to visit museums. Most of the time, they are crowd-free and you get to enjoy an informative activity at your own pace. 

6. Host a football party

No need to fell the rut when staying warm indoors with a nice football game! To make your winter less lonely, why not host a football game! This is will be a good chance to showcase your game day recipes you learned from us!

7. Spend a night in a cozy cabin

The perfect retreat, staying in a cabin gives you the perfect time for a quick getaway and what better time to enjoy the cabin but during the frosty days of winter? Come up over the fireplace enjoy your warm soup or take a nice walk around the cabin.

8. Build a tent in your living room

Another winter activity without leaving your home is to invite the outdoors inside. This is great for this with little kids. Just like pitching your tent in your backyard during summer nights, why not do this with your children?

9. Let's get cooking

Another way to enjoy more time while staying home is to get cooking. This is the time for your to perfect your favorite chili recipe or start practicing your Christmas menu. 

10. Treat yourself with a stay in a winter resort

With school break, winter is one of the times of the year families can enjoy a vacation together. Book your stay in a winter resort and enjoy the break along with a long list of in-house activities.
Winter shouldn't be a season of blues but another time for seasonal activities and foods to eat! This 10 activities provides the perfect blend of enjoy the snow and ideas when you have to stary indoors.
How about you? Do you have other winter activities to add in your list?

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