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5 Simple Steps to Cut Flank Steak

5 Simple Steps to Cut Flank Steak

Are you aware that there is a correct method to slice a flank steak to ensure tenderness in your dish? Properly cutting your steak is essential to avoid ending up with a tough and difficult-to-chew meat. To learn how to cut your flank steak in five easy steps at home, continue reading.

But first, What is a Flank Steak?
Flank steak is a beef variety obtained from the underbelly of a cow. It is a flat and lengthy cut that is both tasty and relatively inexpensive. This lean meat is frequently used in dishes such as fajitas, stir-fries, or thinly-sliced sandwiches due to its strong flavor.

The tight grain of flank steak makes it perfect for slicing against the grain, which enhances its tenderness. However, it can be tough and chewy if not cooked properly. To prevent this, it is essential to slice the meat thinly, marinate it, or cook it on high heat for a brief period of time.

How to Properly Cut Flank Steak at home

Cutting flank steak properly is crucial to reduce its toughness and enhance its flavor, making it more enjoyable. Here are the steps to cut flank steak correctly at home:

1. To start, place the steak on a cutting board and turn it so that the meat's grain runs horizontally from left to right.

2. Slice against the grain using a sharp knife. This means slicing perpendicular to the long muscle fibers, which will help shorten them and make the meat more tender.

3. Cut the steak into thin strips, approximately 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch wide. If desired, you can cut the strips at an angle to increase the surface area for searing or grilling.

4. While cutting, remove any excess fat.

5. Once the flank steak is sliced, you can use it in your preferred dishes like stir-fries, salads, or tacos.

By following these steps, you will be able to cut flank steak properly at home, resulting in tender and delicious slices that are perfect for a variety of recipes.

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