5 BBQ and Outdoor Cooking Content Creators to Follow

5 BBQ and Outdoor Cooking Content Creators to Follow


If you're constantly running out of ideas on what foods to prepare for your backyard parties and outdoor events, check out these highly recommended BBQ and outdoor cooking content creators to follow!

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@themattdad Season sear rest eat so good. #foryou #steak #beef #outdoorcooking #overthefire #thankyou ♬ Sex on Fire - Sevenn


Rockstar Chef Matt, has hundreds of videos where he demonstrates a variety of smoked and/or grilled meat dishes while on his driveway, in the forest, on the mountain and anywhere in the great outdoors. You'll definitely whet your appetite as you watch him prepare the ingredients and finally present the dish in its ready-to-serve form. He is also fond of using seasonings on his dishes, specifically the MaD range of seasonings.

The chef has 278.5K followers and 2.4 million likes on Tiktok. Follow the Matt Dad and discover his outdoor cooking techniques and many of his unique outdoor cooking tools and equipment.



@michiganbbqaddicts Brisket Style Bacon! 🔥 @chargrillergrills @meatchurchbbq @thecavemanstyle #michiganbbqaddicts #HPSustainableSounds #takeaNAIRbreak #CatOnALeash #brisket #bacon #bbq #bbqtiktok #fyp #foryou #recipe ♬ Love You So - The King Khan & BBQ Show


Walter J. Johnston @michiganbbqaddicts has loads of cooking videos that will inspire your meal planning on your next outdoor activities. Aside from sumptuous grilled and smoked dishes, he also showcases a variety of burgers and pastas. What's more is that Walter also posts a variety of funny videos and parodies with an outdoor cooking and BBQ twist.

The michiganbbqaddicts on Tiktok has 450.7K likes and 73.2K followers. There's a campaign for the Tiktok profile to gain 100K followers, so make sure to hit the follow button to support this outdoor cooking and BBQ content creator.

 Furthermore, Walter is currently in the Char Champion 2022, where he needs your vote to get into the Top 15. Let's help him achieve his goal of putting the Michigan BBQ on the map and making his dream of running his own business.



Ely Perea @grilling4family is from West Texas who loves to grill for his family and friends. He has at least 390 Instagram posts where he demonstrates how to cook a variety of meat dishes step by step with his cooking knife.

Just watching the video covers on his profile will make you whet your appetite. Many of his posts also include recipes or at least a detailed ingredients list in the caption. If you haven't followed Ely yet, you're definitely missing at least 390 recipes of sumptuous dishes!

The grilling4family on Instagram has 20.2K followers. If you haven't done so, click the Follow button to be on top of the latest recipes that Ely posts on his Instagram account.



Aki @country_wild_camp is a bushcraft creator from Japan who shares his outdoor album to the world. The video covers on his Tiktok profile definitely showcase how much he loves to coexist with nature, eat in the forest and relax in the great outdoors. The versatile Cavemanstyle knife helps him with many of the tasks including slicing tough, raw meat and shaving off tinder from wood.

You'll be amazed with his outdoor cooking videos. He doesn't only showcase delectable dishes, he also uses what's available in nature as his cooking tools and equipment such as banana leaves as a plate or a bowl and branches for a skewer. He's also fond of cooking on bonfire. 

He's definitely an inspiration for bushcraft skills!

 Aki currently has 78.5K followers on Tiktok. His posts gathered a total of at least 601K likes as of this time.



Halal BBQ Pitmasters is definitely the cooking content creator to follow for our Cavemanstyle readers who're looking for halal food ideas. You'll definitely salivate as you watch these grill masters prepare meat dishes and as you get a macro view of the juicy cooked items. This content creator also sells its own range of rubs, seasonings and spice mixes that are perfect for halal dishes.

Many of Halal BBQ's posts also include recipes and ingredients list in the caption. So make sure you follow them to have a constant supply of ideas on halal cooking for everyday and special-occasion dishes.

Halal BBQ has over 6,460 followers on their Instagram account with 840 posts. These pitmasters aim to bring people together with BBQ, so make sure to follow them today.

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