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3 Recipes of Deliciously Smoked Dishes for Outdoor Cooking

3 Recipes of Deliciously Smoked Dishes for Outdoor Cooking

A new week is here, and what does that mean to our Cavemanstyle members? Of course, three new recipes of delectable dishes to try out!

This week's recipes feature meat dishes that are juicy, appetizing and totally satisfying with their jam-packed content.

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Start of the Week:
Jalapeno-Stuffed, Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Breast

If you think chicken breasts are not fun to serve and eat due to their dry texture and plain taste, then this recipe from Dusty Roads BBQ will change the way you cook them!

All you need are jalapeños, chicken breasts, bacon, cheeses and BBQ rub.


  • Mix shredded cheddar cheese, cream cheese, and BBQ rub together and stuff them into the jalapeños.
  • Season butterfly-cut chicken breasts with BBQ rub.
  • Place stuffed jalapeños on the chicken and roll up the meat.
  • Wrap bacon around the stuffed meat.
  • Smoke for around 90 minutes at 250 degrees until the chicken hits 140-150 internal.
  • Apply BBQ sauce of your choice on the meat.
  • Smoke for another 30-45 minutes.
  • Serve

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Smoked Flank Steak & Shrimp Pinwheel


If you love both steak and seafood, you'll definitely love the Smoked Flank Steak and Shrimp Pinwheel by @out_west_bbq! It's a delectable, juicy piece of dish that will definitely activate your appetite even by just watching the cooking video below.



What to do: 

  • Prepare and cook your shrimp meat
  • Add BBQ seasoning and BBQ rub on your flank steak
  • Add a mixture of chive cream cheese, jalapeños, spinach and cooked seafood on the meat.
  • Roll meat and secure with rope.
  • Cook stuffed meat on smoker and griddle reverse.
  • Cut cooked rolls into slices.
  • Top the dish with homemade chimichurri.
  • Serve!


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Smoked Tri-tip Beef

Enjoy a relaxing weekend with this easy, hassle-free Smoked Tri-Tip Beef recipe by Michigan BBQ Addicts. The meat takes at least three hours to cook on the smoker, so it's a perfect recipe that allows for social conversations in an outdoor BBQ party in your backyard this weekend. Take note though that you must check the meat every hour for doneness.


  • Prepare 2 chunks of tri-tips with 2-1/5 lbs each, and cut off parts that don't look good.
  • Use olive oil as a binder and rub Meat Church Holy Cow seasoning all around the meat chunk. Let the meat rest for 1 minute before adding the Gospel BBQ rub. Let it rest again.
  • Cook meat chunks in a charcoal grill at 225-275 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 hours while checking on them every hour. Smoking with pecan and cherry is preferred.
  • Sear the chunks between 450-500 degrees Fahrenheit until the internal temperature hits 140 degrees.
  • Let the meat rest for 10 minutes before slicing.


Watch this video for the cooking demonstration.




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