15 Helpful Tips in Planning the Perfect Summer BBQ

15 Helpful Tips in Planning the Perfect Summer BBQ

Summertime is coming, and it's a great opportunity to hold BBQ parties. For greater convenience in party planning and preparation, here are some practical tips for you!


On scheduling the party

  1. The best days to hold the BBQ party are on the weekends at either 5 to 9 PM or 12 to 4 pm. These times allow for your guests to attend your parties while still having time to do what they want to do during the rest of the weekend.
  1. Adjust your party schedule based on your guests and their schedules. These days, people now have different work schedules instead of the usual 9AM-5PM office hours. Furthermore, if you're inviting adults, scheduling your BBQ in the late afternoon and evening is fine. If your guests include families with children, however, setting the BBQ event at an earlier time is advisable.

On deciding a location

  1. Holding a summer BBQ is easy as long as you have an open space where you can use a grill. Summer locations can include the beach, picnic areas and the park. If public areas are not an option, you can also have the grill on your backyard and even on a terrace if you're living in an apartment.
  1. Have a Plan B just in case it'll unexpectedly rain even if it's summer. This includes having to relocate the dining area indoors and preparing materials for a makeshift roof to protect the grill area from the rain.



On food 

  1. For general BBQ parties, consider sticking to the classics such as chicken skewers, hamburgers and hotdogs. If you want to amaze your guests with sumptuous menu, however, you can check out our previous posts to find recipes of delectable smoked and grilled dishes that are quick and easy to make. We have a wide range of recipes that adults and children will love!
  1. Make sure that your meat and other food items are ready for grilling or smoking by the time the party starts. Schedule your work time so that you can prepare your ingredients in advance. You'll want to entertain your guests during the party, not staying in the kitchen still deboning and removing unwanted fats from the meat. In any case, make sure you have the Cavemanstyle knife that's designed for sharp versatility to ensure hassle-free and precise meat slicing and food preparation.
  1. Plan your menu by preparing at least three main items per guests. Don't forget the appetizers, desserts and side dishes, as well as the finger foods to match the drinks.
  1. Consider your guests when planning your menu. If you have a vegetarian crowd, make sure to adjust your food items accordingly. If you have red meat lovers, you may want to take the chicken off the menu. No children in the party? You may want to remove the hotdogs from the table.



  1. Regardless of whether you're using gas or coal grills, the tools to use are the same. These include tongs, grill fork, spatula, aluminum foil and of course, a reliable cooking knife. Make sure to prepare them for the party and have them within reach so that you can BBQ and host at the same time without stress.
  1. Make sure to also have the following items nearby: grill gloves, towel and aprons.
  1. Be sure to have sufficient stock on cooking oil as well as charcoal or gas for the grill.
  1. If you haven't done so, make sure to check out our knife online shop to discover the Cavemanstyle knives and cleavers that are designed for perfect balance and sharp versatility. They're ideal for both outdoor and indoor cooking.



On drinks

  1. Classic drinks for summer BBQ include soda, sparkling water, beer and wine. You'll have to adjust your beverage options though if you know what your guests want to drink and/or avoid.
  1. Consider having lemonades and fruit juices if there are children coming over. Juice pouches or boxes are also good options.
  1. Depending on the number of guests and the duration of the event, your refrigerator could get full in an effort to serve cold drinks. Have a backup refrigerator, if feasible, to store more cold beverages during the party. Alternatively, you can use large ice buckets to ensure you will have constant supply of cold drinks for serving.


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