10 Ways to Beat Winter Blues

10 Ways to Beat Winter Blues
With the festive mood for Christmas around the corner, there is also something sort of a white elephant in the room during these cold months. We're talking about winter blues. With less sunlight and less opportunities to go out and stuck inside your homes, it is quite common to feel lonely during this season. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) needs professional help as well as some reinforcements, this article will focus on winter blues.
What's winter blues?
Winter blues is more than just feeling sad during winter but how it can affect your daily life. From feeling sad and lonely, winter blues can disrupt your sleeping behavior and even your over-all being such as lack of motivation.
Ways to Cope with Winter Blues
Your degree of winter blues differs from one person to another. Check out this list of ways that can help you feel less sad during the cold season.
1. Stay active
Physical activities will always stimulate your happy hormones, so no matter how tempting it is to just stay in bed and snuggle all day, make sure to keep moving. Gyms are crowd-free these days or enjoy home workouts. Take a walk or just go around doing errands. The key is just to keep moving.
2. Spend less time on social media
If you're winter blues is really kicking in, manage your social media use. It may not be helpful if you see on your feed tropical holidays or your friends enjoying their life while you are alone stuck in the cold temperature. However, you can rely to social media to get in touch with your friends or to learn something that will leave you preoccupied of your time during winter.

3. Hang out with positive people
This is the season for happy thoughts, positivity, and good vibes. Make winter be fun and merry when you hang out with people who will bring nothing but joy. Surround with people who are optimistic and you'll feel less bump during the cold days.
4. Get a pet
If the company of people is not really your cup of tea, rely on your furry friends or any pet. Pets are great companions without the drama and demands. Taking care of your pets will keep you preoccupied and snuggling with a dog on a cold night is nothing but cozy.
5.Boost your mood with food
Food will always provide us with great company and makes us feel better. Enjoy your favorite food as well as hearty warm soups and other winter food during this season. Better yet, try making homemade winter food like our Homemade Gumbo recipe
6. Spend time around fire
Heaters and fireplaces save us from the freezing cold, but surrounding yourself around real fire - just like a Caveman - has some benefits. The warmth of fire lowers your blood pressure and have you noticed how you feel relaxed when you're around it? Try building a campfire if you have the opportunity or enjoy a beginner-friendly winter camping.
7. Just go outside
Watching the snow and the winter wonderland beauty can be relaxing but to keep your sadness at bay ,try going out. Even if you are not keen to do some activities, make sure to go out and limit spending indoors especially if your blues are really kicking in. Head out with a good friend or family and just go out to grab coffee or visit some attractions. Bundle up with your winter clothes to stay warm and feel the cold as you feel the warm of your hot winter drink.
8. Take your Vitamins D
The lack of sunlight is one of the biggest factors for winter blues. Depending on your location, expose yourself to the natural sun as much possible even when it is only up for a few hours. Let it touch your skin and enjoy basking even for a few minutes and you're mood will be lighter in no time. Take vitamins D supplements as well. 
9. Learn a new hobby
Take this opportunity to focus on yourself. Learn a new hobby like cooking, baking. Try journaling or learn about indoor gardening. While spending indoors, think about how you can continuously improve yourself. It is never too late to rebrand yourself.
10. Use Sun Lamp and Dawn Stimulators
For those who are beyond the mild winter blues, sun lamps and dawn stimulators are great help. Good news is that they are widely available and you shouldn't hesitate to get one of them to keep you in tune with your regular routine.
Winter offers a myriad of activities and with the dreamy landscape and festivities, people have embraced the cold winter months. As what they say, "Live like you're in Minnesota" by living with winter rather than living as if it's summer. Winter is not as hard as you think. Lastly, seek help and support if you need one. 

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