10 Grilling Spices You Should Have in Your Pantry

10 Grilling Spices You Should Have in Your Pantry

Every man can be a grillmaster. Gourmand dads who love to cook for their families know the feeling of serving delicious meals from the perfect Tomahawk steaks to easy-to-make Chicken recipes.
But just like anything else, you need to be equipped with the right tools and knowledge. We have shared 10 grilling hacks and essential tools for grilling and now, we will share with you 10 grilling spices that you should have in hand.
Equipped with grilling skills, flavor is absolutely on top of the list. From fresh ingredients, spices are needed to enhance the taste of your meat and vegetables. Though are are many store-bought seasonings, you may want to stock your pantries with these spices.

1. Garlic Powder

Garlic is the universal spice that back it in the day, it not only flavors bur preserves food. When it comes to grilling, garlic powder is one of staples if you want to enhance the over-all taste. Great from meats to vegetables as well as a great addition to your marinades and basking liquids.

2. Onion Powder

Comes next is of course, onion powder. While fresh onion is a great companion for grillmasters like you as a fresh ingredients or as a hack to clean grills, onion powders adds a sweet flavor to your meat.

3. Black Pepper

If you skip black pepper, then you are totally lost in the grilling world - or make it to the cooking world in general. Another natural preservative, nothing has boost flavors especially to meats than black pepper. You can have them in bottle or pulverize fresh for stronger taste. Essential, this spice adds smoky and charred flavor to your meat especially steaks. 


4. Smoked Paprika

Want to spice up a little your "delicate" ingredients like seafood, skirt steak, and chicken? Smoked paprika should be in your pantry for that kick without the spiceness and heat. Plus, it gives a nice color to your dish! 

5. Chili Flakes

Another way to give a kick to your dish's flavor is chili flakes. Give a little spice without the overbearing heat that is perfect for marinades and basking sauce. If you want to amplify its spiciness, simply roast your chili flakes. Chili flakes works will with other spices too like garlic powder and black pepper if you want to make your own rubs.

6. Cayenne Pepper

Now for those who want a little fire to their food, cayenne powder is your friend. Level up the flavor for some hot and spice that works will with ribs, lamb chops, lobsters and corn. Add cayenne powder according to your preference.

7. Ground Cumin

Have you thought about what cooks put into their meat to achieve that savory flavor? A little-known secret is cumin. Add ground cumin in your seasoning for that rich meaty taste that balances out the heat from black pepper. 

8. Thyme

That smell! Grilled always smells good and much more if there's thyme in it! One of the staples of Italian cooking and of course, steak, dried thyme is a must for those who want to achieve earthy, and aromatic dishes. Thyme is bold yet has a hint of being delicate and works will with beef, poultry, lamb and shrimp.

9. Oregano

Another herb turned spice for grilling is oregano. Dried oregano is always the preferred type than fresh, as fresh oregano can be overbearing. With these powdered dry oregano in your mix and seasoning, you get a minty and subtle sweet flavor to your food. Widely used for pizza and tomato-based dishes, oregano is great to add to lamb, chicken, and beef marinades as well as roasting vegetables like eggplant.

10. Coriander

Fresh coriander gives minty and citrusy touch to our meat but ground coriander seeds are great additions to your mix and rubs as well! Coriander seed powder balances flavors in rub mixes and best for pork, chicken and seafood.

Stock these staple spices now to level up your grilling power. Use this as it is, mix with your rubs, or add to your marinades and liquids, you getting ready to the path of grillmaster nation! Happy grilling!

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