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Norse Tradesman

Raven Hilt Knife - 5.5" Blade (13 cm)

Raven Hilt Knife - 5.5" Blade (13 cm)

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⚔️ HAND-FORGED MEDIEVAL DESIGN - Drawing inspiration from Norse mythology and historical artifacts, this Viking utility knife features a carefully hand-crafted raven head hilt and antique, semi-polished 5.5" (12.7 cm) high carbon steel blade.

⚔️ HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - This sharpened Norse blade is forged from high carbon steel (with aluminum handle). And with a premium cowhide leather sheath, this Viking knife is built to last and designed to perform.

⚔️ NOT JUST A COSTUME KNIFE - This high-quality, CARBON STEEL blade has been given an excellent heat treatment to achieve a 56-58 Rockwell scale hardness. Also features a semi-razor sharp edge, so the medieval utility knife can be used for a variety of practical applications. This is not a toy!

⚔️ PURE COWHIDE LEATHER SHEATH - Recognize the incredible quality of the cowhide sheath with a simple touch or glance. Conveniently strap the sheath to any belt and keep this impressive blade on your hip at all times

⚔️ DIMENSIONS - Total Length: 10" (25.4 cm) | Blade Length: 5.5" (12.7 cm) | Handle length: 4.5" (10.16 cm) | Hardness of Knife: 56-58 HRC



    This incredible design of knife is hand forged. This is a piece of true craftsmanship. The knife is constructed with an aluminum handle, which reduces its weight and offers easier handling, while the blade is forged from high quality carbon steel. The impressive blade comes fully sharpened, so it can be used for a variety of practical purposes. The medieval production features an artful raven's head hilt and an antique patina blade. Hilt is bound with cowhide pure leather and comes with a beautiful, cowhide sheath with belt loop.


      • Overall Length: 10 in
      • Blade Length: 5.5 in
      • Handle length: 4.5 in
      • Hardness of Knife: 56-58 HRC
      • Accessories: Pure cowhide leather sheath


      • Wash with water after each use, using soap and a sponge or brush.
      • Towel dry after every wash. If your blade should get wet, dry it thoroughly.
      • Wipe the blade with an oil-moistened cloth after washing/drying to prevent rust, especially if you live in a damp climate or close to the ocean.
      • If your knife comes into contact with salt water or any substance you are not certain about, you should rinse it immediately with tap water, dry it and apply a light coat of oil.
      • Do not store knife in its sheaths. The leather collects moisture and creates pits on the blade.
      • Do not use the cutting blade as a can opener, chisel, pry bar, screwdriver or for any heavy work for which your knife was not designed.


      We commit not to sell knives to anybody under age 18. Buyer is responsible to check the laws in his/her local state, city or country.

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